A beautiful visual image that has personal meaning

A memory to anchor a special time and place

A special gift for those once in a lifetime occasions

An “Insight Portrait” process results in a one-of-a-kind painting that reveals an aspect of a person’s special gifts and talents. However this is so much more than a painting. Many people report being thankful for the experience involved in getting to the essence of the individual or group. Our conversations get straight to what is essential and vital… the “stuff of life” that make it worth getting out of bed every morning. People find enormous satisfaction and value in this informal dialogue and the opportunity to focus and reflect on what really matters. In addition they are often surprised by the insights that others reveal. People are impacted deeply when they are recognized and appreciated for who they are.

The end result is that these abstract paintings capture an aspect of an individual that is unique to them. The write up that accompanies each painting says more about who they are than their resume or their CV could ever capture. Seeing is believing and people love seeing themselves portrayed in a one-of-a-kind image.

Each “Insight Portrait” includes:

* A custom designed process of discovery
* A painting guaranteed to “hit” the perfect note
* A one page description of the “Insight Portrait”
* A jpeg image of the portrait that can be used in a variety of applications